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Pandora hearts explained

Pandora hearts explained


The Core of the Abyss


Pandora Hearts ended today in Japan. Here's a spoiler-free page from the last chapter ...


Coming of Age Ceremony Arc, Zwei first appears

Pandora Hearts 21

Retrace CIII: Call Your Name

Oz the b rabbit

We love you Eliot

Pandora Hearts 23

Baskerville casts Oz into the Abyss

Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts 49


Anyway, this chapter's out in English so explaining things that has been explained in the manga is plain boring. Now let's move on to the main points.

Pandora Hearts 10

Pandora Hearts continues to throw questions at us, and doesn't take the reader as someone for a low IQ. Rather, it treats you like one of the characters, ...

What happy looking manga

Pandora Hearts 24

Historical Timeline: Pandora Hearts | Pandora Hearts Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia


Pandora Hearts, Volume 2

Alternative Titles. English: Pandora Hearts


Pandora Hearts (Anime) -- Trailer

Pandora Hearts, Vol. 18

Volume 17: Lacie

Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki is one of those series that is hard to get into. It's art and character designs look too “pretty boy” for some, ...

Pandora Hearts 63

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Manga Crown

Any human who is banished to Abyss can escape by signing a contract with a chain. They are then called the chain's "Contractor", and gain control of the ...

White Alice recognizes Jack:

Pandora Hearts ...

Ch.44 ...


I am incapable of writing a review without spoilers so beware!


Pandora Hearts-Jack and Glen

Xerxes Break-Pandora Hearts [AMV]-Circus

[ELS] Alice ○ I N S O M N I A [Pandora Hearts] - YouTube


[Character Commentary] Pandora Hearts 1: Oz Vessalius | fanboy

「否定の彼方へ」 (Hitei no Achira he) “To the One Who Rejects Me” “Beyond the winding road”

AMV Sharon x Alyss - (Pandora Hearts) - Sugar (Yuri)

My Rating System Explained!

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「否定の彼方へ」 (Hitei no Achira he) “To the One Who Rejects Me” “Beyond the winding road”

Home is not where his heart is.

Pandora Hearts, Volume 2

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×Blue Girl× [Echo;;Pandora Hearts]

Pandora Hearts Gil in Wonderland

finally got the pandora hearts box set ...

Pandora Hearts Gilbert Nightray SLEEP [KIN]



Yaoi Oneshots - Pandora Hearts: Oz Vessalius x Gilbert Nightray - Wattpad

【Vincent x Ada / Pandora Hearts】 Untouched - YouTube

Sharon Rainsworth, Alice the B-Rabbit, Oz Vessalius, Gilbert Nightray, Xerxes Break


Pandora Hearts – 25 (END) + PV

Pandora Hearts Vol.12 Chapter 63 : Retrace Lxiii Purpose page 1 - Mangakakalot.


PandoraHearts, Vol. 3

「否定の彼方へ」 (Hitei no Achira he) “To the One Who Rejects Me” “Beyond the winding road”

image. "

The first memories shown ...

Here it comes!

Never mind..it's Pandora Hearts.

Here is ...

... by that, this chapter just makes it more clear. The first memories shown are White Alice's/Alyss's memories, the ones that were destroyed.

MMD Pandora hearts Alice model[ DL LINK DOWN] by Blackrabbit1234 ...

Aw too cute. THE END!! :(


Pandora Hearts Characters INFORMATION : Reo Baskerville

Commonly known as Break, he is a member of Pandora and a servant of the Rainsworth Dukedom. Break's appearance does not change from the ten year gap between ...

Pandora Hearts, the anime itself, is very intriguing thus far with the Alice-in-Wonderland feel making things seem fun and serious all at the same time.

Volume 11: Reim


Pandora Hearts Chapter 65 Discussion